Vinylux is the Weekly polish System that defies time. It gives week long wear, has a self-adhering colour coat and gives time-enhanced durability with exposure to natural light.

• VINYLUX™ is a revolutionary weekly polish system offering durable, high-shine and week-long wear

• Innovative system includes a self-adhering colour coat that eliminates the need for base coat, and a top coat that becomes more durable when exposed to natural light to ensure no chipping or scratching for at least one week

• In consumer testing of hundreds of manicures, more than 80 percent of clients had no chipping after seven days.

• VINYLUX™ dries completely in just eight and a half minutes compared to standard nail polish that dries in 15-20 minutes on average

• 62 fashion-forward polish colours to suit weekly desires, over 30 colours match popular CND Shellac™ shades, for at-home touch-ups and pedicures

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What is Vinylux??

Vinylux is a revolutionary nail polish that is hard wearing, durable, high shine with week long wear. It has a self adhering colour coat so does not require a base coat and gives time-enhanced durability with exposure to natural light.

Vinylux dries within 8 and a half minutes compared to normal polish which dries in 15-20minutes. I have personally tested this by putting my shoes on after 8 and a half minutes.

It is currently available in 70+ fashion forward shades and costs just £9.95 for either a top coat or colour and £15.95 when buying the two together. Or why not buy the summer brights set of 4 mini colours and a top coat for £19.95. To view a close up of all the colours view them at -

To order this fantastic Nail Varnish which is only available via certain salons please contact me on email - or phone/text - 07592 677411.

If you require any items to be posted this is possible however due to Royal Mail restrictions only 4 can be posted per box therefore some orders may come in more than one delivery. Postage is £3 no matter how many are ordered.